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At University Church of Seventh-day Adventists volunteering is a means of finding your fit in the body of Christ. As such, we want to help you use your God-given talents and gifts for the glory of God and the building of the church family.

To volunteer at University Church is simple:

1. Print and Fill out the form below
This is the first step in beginning the journey to get plugged into a volunteer ministry.

2. Go to the reception desk at church
Verify your request and get scheduled for your first getting acquainted time.

3. Commit to Volunteer
Ministry leader will contact you.
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Please fill in one ministry that the Lord Jesus Christ is leading you to serve.
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 Health & Temperance;   Hospitality;   Other;  *
I have completed the Network class (Spiritual Gift training) at University SDA Church.
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I would like to Volunteer at University SDA Church